Must Conveyancing Be a Nerve-Racking Process? 3 Indisputable Ways You Could Make It Smooth

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First-time property buyers don't always do things right, and they even get confused when handling conveyancing transactions. They don't just find these transactions time-consuming but also complicated. If you don't know how you should handle the conveyancing process, it won't just have flaws, but it could also delay. However, you can do something to make the conveyancing process a smooth experience.

Get Your Mortgage Ready Before You Go Home-Hunting

Nothing could be quite embarrassing like finding a fairly priced home when the mortgage has delayed or when issues that could stop it arise. So before you talk to any real estate agent to search a home for you, ensure the mortgage application process is complete and successful. Any delay in the mortgage process could make you lose a fortune you might only live to regret. Discuss with the mortgage lender how much you qualify to borrow and what you need to do to secure the agreement, then ask an estate agent to look for a home for you with confidence.

Work Closely With an Experienced Solicitor

Conveyancing involves several steps, and every step could make or break the deal based on how you approach or handle it. If you don't have a professional eye to guide you and point out the potential issues you are likely to face, you may lose the property. Conveyancing involves transferring the title to the buyer—a process that might be traumatising sometimes if you don't have a solicitor to monitor it.

The solicitor helps you affirm that the property belongs to the seller and that they have every legal right to sell it. Without a solicitor, you might not know the fence-upkeep requirements you should meet or any unexpected access rights that the third parties might impose. The solicitor also liaises with the mortgage lender to speed up the process, checks if the title is legal and helps to carry out the necessary searches.

Always Check the Forms Before You Fill Them

When filling out forms, take time to read and understand every clause and seek help from a conveyancer if you get stuck. Also, fill in the forms promptly so your solicitor can get to the next stage of the conveyancing process. Allow your solicitor to check how you filled in the forms to spot any mistake you might have made and perhaps rectify it in good time.

If every party involved in the conveyancing process did what it should do, the process wouldn't be nerve-racking in any way. Don't wish that the process didn't have any stumbling blocks, but rather wish that you have done all you should have done to ride above them!


6 May 2020

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