What To Expect When Consulting A Family Lawyer

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A family lawyer comes to your defence when dealing with child custody, property settlement, or child adoption cases. It is usual to be a bit nervous when consulting a family lawyer for the first time. However, this should not happen if you read this piece. It details what to expect when consulting a family lawyer for the first time.


The lawyer's primary objective during the first consultation is to ensure the client's comfort. Therefore, they introduce themselves and tell you a little about their work. This is an opportunity to vet the lawyer to determine if they are the right fit. For instance, you could ask them about their specialisation or the most complex case they have handled. You could also inquire about qualifications, certifications, and professional awards. Ultimately, this information helps create client-lawyer trust since you are confident in their skills and competence. 

Assessing The Legality Of Your Case

Next, the lawyer evaluates the legality of your case. It prevents you from incurring legal expenses on a case with a negative outcome. For instance, when filing for divorce, the lawyer examines whether you meet the required criteria. Conversely, if you plan to file for sole custody, the lawyer explains what the judge will assess to grant you sole parenting responsibility. Suppose you plan to adopt a child; the family lawyer lists all the requirements you must meet before adopting the child. For instance, you must attend training sessions to acquaint yourself with the realities of having a new family member. Moreover, you must undergo several assessments to determine your suitability to adopt a child. 

Due Diligence 

The family lawyer could also conduct some due diligence during your first consultation. For example, they could ask you for evidence relating to your case. For instance, if you need sole custody of your child, the lawyer could ask you to present evidence to prove your spouse is abusive. They could be photographs, CCTV footage, or apprehended violence orders. The professional then informs you whether this evidence can be used in court. In most cases, the lawyer conducts further assessments to build a strong case. 

Terms Of Service 

If the lawyer takes up your case, they inform you about the conditions of service. For instance, they could prohibit you from contacting the other party or making public statements about the issue. When filing a property settlement case, the professional could ask you to avoid buying expensive items or transferring property to your name. Finally, the lawyer explains their pricing strategies and how you should make payments. Remember to negotiate these conditions before signing the engagement contract. 

Reach out to a family law solicitor to learn more.


12 December 2022

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