Top Times When Family Dispute Resolution Is Helpful

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Family dispute resolution means trying to agree about family law issues before going to court. During family dispute resolution, an independent mediator assists family members to reach an agreement. Family dispute resolution (FDR) is necessary in most children custody cases. The court will not take up your child custody case unless you first try to resolve the issue through the FDR process. FDR services are available to you at any point in the relationship, even after the court case begins. 

So, how does family law resolution help in different situations?

Domestic Violence

Before a family dispute resolution service takes up your domestic violence case, various conditions must be met. The service will take you through an intake procedure. That helps in determining if they can continue with the matter. Some practitioners can conference issues by arranging each partner to be in a different room. They can then communicate over the phone or other conferencing options. These experts will ensure both parties do not come into direct contact. The intake process depends on the dispute resolution service you select. 


Going through the process of dispute resolution is necessary before taking your custody case to court. The process can help both parents reach an agreement on how they will handle parenting. If the process is not successful, then you can now go to court. The family dispute resolution service offers a certificate if the process is not successful. The document they offer is usually valid for a year. 

You can only apply for a court case directly in certain situations. For instance, when there has been child abuse or instances of family violence. It is always best to get legal advice from the experts on the right steps to follow. 

Financial Issues

Family dispute resolution helps resolve financial problems such as child support. Once you get to an agreement, you can enforce it by getting court consent orders. Sometimes the court can demand that you first try dispute resolution services before they listen to your financial cases. Also, seek legal advice before getting into any financial agreement.


For family dispute resolution to work, all involved parties should be willing to go. When one person refuses to go through the conflict resolution process, apply for a court case. Also, the process involved in handling disputes depends on the dispute resolution service you choose. Always check if the family dispute resolution is confidential, as some of them are not. Take your time to get a family dispute resolution service you trust.  


14 May 2020

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