Why You Need A Conveyancer When Buying Property Abroad

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Do you plan to buy property abroad? It could be that you want to diversify your investment portfolio or immigrate to a new country. If you do, you certainly require the services of a conveyancer. This article explores several advantages of conveyancing services as you buy property abroad. 

Property Pricing

One of the challenges you will experience when buying property abroad is that it becomes difficult to conduct appraisals. First, you might not have a clue about the real estate market. Secondly, you will be dealing with a different currency. Once you hire a conveyancer, they are legally obligated to act in your best interests. Therefore, the professional will appraise the property you intend to buy and inform you if it is reasonably priced. 

The conveyancer can also give valuable insights into the real estate market. For instance, properties could be expensive in an affluent neighbourhood regardless of their condition. In this case, the conveyancer will provide viable alternatives such as purchasing property in a growing neighbourhood or another town. 

Liaising With The Seller

Your conveyancer acts as the intermediary between you and the seller. If you viewed the house online, the conveyancer will meet with the seller and inform them of your intent to purchase the property. At this stage, the conveyancer will conduct a formal property inspection to establish property defects. While you may be well-versed with the building code of your home country, you may not know about the construction standards of the new country. The conveyancer will acquaint you with the building code and inform you if the building meets these standards. 


As a real estate investor, you might be a shrewd negotiator. However, language and cultural barriers could prevent you from showing your negotiating prowess. For instance, decisions might be made after a series of meetings, or it would be impolite to address the other party informally. Hiring a conveyancer will help you avoid these barriers and smoothen the negotiating process. Once you give your position to the conveyancer, they will relay it to the seller appropriately and provide you with feedback. 

Terms Of Sale 

Each jurisdiction has its property selling laws. Your conveyancer will inform you about these laws and ensure that the contract of sale meets these requirements. Further, they will ensure that the terms of this agreement reflect your wishes. 

When purchasing property abroad, a conveyancer will help appraise the property, liaise with the seller, negotiate the asking price and draft the contract of sale.  


21 October 2021

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