Excluding One of Your Children from Your Will

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When drafting your will, you are essentially determining who gets what, whether it's a specific monetary amount, a certain physical asset (such as property), or a percentage of your overall estate. When you have children, the equality of the division is undoubtedly going to be a priority. And yet, it might be that the division deliberately excludes one of your children, whether they receive a lesser share of your estate, or are entirely omitted from your list of beneficiaries.

28 July 2020

Top Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Workers' Compensation Case

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After getting hurt at work, you may have to file for workers' compensation. The workers' compensation program should help you pay for all medical bills. It should also cover any wages you lose during the missed days at work. The process, however, can be frustrating. Thus, things can go wrong, and you may not get the compensation you deserve. It is crucial to follow specific guidelines when filing for the workers' compensation claim.

9 July 2020

4 Conveyancing Errors and How to Avoid Them

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Many people are afraid of investing in the property market due to the risks involved in the process. However, the introduction of conveyancing helped to protect those buying property. No one wants to deal with problems when investing in real estate. A contract can prove helpful in eliminating issues when selling or buying property. But sometimes people overlook some critical conveyancing aspects that cost them in the long run. If you wish to conduct a property transaction, learn the mistakes most people make and avoid them.

30 June 2020

Top Reasons You Need A Wills and Estate Lawyer

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Many Australians die without leaving a will for their dependents. This leaves the court with the final word regarding how their estate is to be distributed. It's essential to plan your estate while you are still alive to avoid leaving your beneficiaries in financial turmoil. Here are some of the reasons you need a wills and estate lawyer. Estate Planning Many people cannot tell the difference between a will and an estate plan.

15 June 2020

Understanding Serving Divorce Papers

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There are usually two kinds of divorces: Amicable Divorce (both parties find divorce to be the best way forward with no dispute) Hostile/Unamicable Divorce (one party initiates the divorce due to either emotional or physical violence/abuse, adultery/cheating, etc.) In an amicable divorce, neither party serves the other divorce papers. You might, however, need a divorce/family lawyer to help you put together divorce papers, verify whether the contents of the divorce papers reflect what you and your spouse agreed upon and then file them on your behalf.

3 June 2020

Why You Need A Wills and Estates Lawyer

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People often start thinking about wills when they get old. It is crucial to think about the benefits of wills early to avoid leaving chaos and confusion when you pass away. Hiring a wills and estates lawyer is essential to getting a valid will and getting peace of mind in your old age. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a lawyer for matters regarding wills and estates. Intestate Deaths

22 May 2020

Top Times When Family Dispute Resolution Is Helpful

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Family dispute resolution means trying to agree about family law issues before going to court. During family dispute resolution, an independent mediator assists family members to reach an agreement. Family dispute resolution (FDR) is necessary in most children custody cases. The court will not take up your child custody case unless you first try to resolve the issue through the FDR process. FDR services are available to you at any point in the relationship, even after the court case begins.

14 May 2020